Who we are

The Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) was set in motion by SolarPower Europe and Solar Energy UK in March 2021, as part of a programme established in 2015 to promote responsible production in the solar value chain.

The official launch of the SSI in September 2022 marks a critical milestone for the solar industry.

Through our strategic Roadmap and Code the SSI puts into practice the shared commitment of over 50 companies to ensure the integrity of their supply chains and improve ESG performance.

our mission

The Solar Stewardship Initiative works collaboratively with manufacturers, developers, installers and purchasers across the global solar value chain to foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of materials.

Over 50 organisations are behind the Initiative, which has the support of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) and the European Investment Bank. 

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OUR mission


Ensure the energy transition is just, inclusive, and respects human rights




Establish mechanisms to create supply-chain transparency, ensuring integrity in the global solar industry




Enable continuous improvement of ESG performance


Prepare our community for relevant upcoming laws and regulations on responsible supply chains (for example the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, and ban on forced labour products)


Build the confidence of regulators, customers and business partners in the sustainability of the solar value chain


Coordination Team

- Organizes meetings of the SCT working group and the sponsors group

-Oversees the project execution, timeline and budget

Sponsors Group

(30+ companies)

- Regularly consulted on strategic decisions regarding the SSI

- Validates deliverables and milestones

SCT working group

60+ companies

- Discusses topics relevant to the SSI and its development

- Platform for knowledge sharing

The Solar Stewardship Initiative is managed by SolarPower Europe and Solar Energy UK, with the support of leading sustainability and solar supply chain experts.

The management is executed by the SolarPower Europe Supply Chain Sustainability Workstream, which gathers 60+ members covering the entire industry: buyers, suppliers, research centres and think tanks, advisory, national industry associations, asset management funds, developers, utilities companies, independent power producers, and suppliers of inverters, raw materials, balance of system.

The Supply Chain Sustainability Workstream includes the SSI Sponsors’ Committee and the SSI Coordination Group. The SSI Sponsors’ Committee is convened every 1 to 2 months and is comprised of over 30 sponsors, both buyers and suppliers of solar PV modules and inverters. The sponsors represent a major market share, and contribute financially and oversee the work on SSI. The SSI Coordination Group is composed of the chairs of SolarPower Europe and SEUK relevant workstreams and the coordinators from SolarPower Europe and SEUK Secretariats.

Throughout the initial launch period the Solar Stewardship Initiative is working toward its establishment as a multi-stakeholder initiative with representatives on its governing bodies from industry at different phases of the solar value chain, as well as other stakeholders including civil society, financial institutions, think tanks and independent experts on ESG and standard setting.

The Initiative is carefully and diligently establishing a well-functioning set of governance bodies that is truly representative and participative, with a clear direction.

We are working toward a fully functioning multi-stakeholder board and advisory committees by the end of Q2 2025.

While the full multi-stakeholder governance structure is being developed, the terms of reference are being written, and representatives are being selected to participate on the board and committees, the day-to-day management of the Solar Stewardship Initiative will continue to be carried out by SolarPower Europe  with support from leading sustainability and solar supply chain experts. 

Additionally, while our full multi-stakeholder governance is being developed, we are establishing an interim Stakeholder Advisory Group to guide our work over these first critical years of the Solar Stewardship Initiative. We aim to announce the names of the first members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group in Q3 2023 and will publish the names of new members as they are appointed. 

Following the establishment of the multi-stakeholder governance structure, the Solar Stewardship Initiative will continue to benefit from the support and advice of the founding stakeholders, including SolarPower Europe, SEUK and the Sponsors.

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