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Become an SSI-approved Assessment Body

SSI-approved Assessment Bodies are responsible for conducting independent, third-party audits, to certify member sites against the SSI Standards. The SSI accepts assessment bodies (ABs), and individual assessors associated with approved ABs, based on the requirements defined in the SSI core document: ‘Assessment Body and Assessor Approval Procedure’.

To be eligible to conduct assessments as an SSI-approved Assessment Body, please refer to the criteria set out in the ‘Assessment Body and Assessor Approval Procedure’. This procedure ensures audit companies and their individual assessors follow best auditing practices, are independent, and have the required technical knowledge to evaluate requirements in the SSI Standards.

SSI-approved Assessment Bodies will be detailed on the SSI website, as and when they are accepted. 

Apply to become an SSI-Approved Assessment Body

1. Application Submission

2. AB Eligibility

  • SSI will complete a check on legal entity status.
  • Ensure assessors are accredited to ISO 17065 or 17021 with a relevant scope by an IAF member accreditation body.
  • In exceptional cases, legal entities can provide documented evidence of ISO 17065 or 17021 conformance and commitment to the SSI assurance program.

3. Approval Confirmation

  • If the assessment body meets the eligibility criteria, an MOU with the SSI will be signed.
  • Lead assessor approval and training completed.
  • The SSI may carry out an oversight verification assessment if required.

4. Approval Duration

  • Initial approval is for three years.
  • Re-application may be necessary for renewal.

5. Maintaining Approval

  • Incorporate SSI requirements into internal management systems.
  • Provide biannual reports on complaints related to SSI certification activities.
  • Prior to each assessment, submit a draft assessment plan and list of stakeholders, and address any conflicts of interest.

6. Extension of Approval

  • Approved Assessment Bodies seeking extension to additional countries must provide evidence of sufficient resources.

SSI Assessment Body and Assessor Application Form

Assessor Approval Criteria

Aspiring assessors must meet specific criteria based on their role:

Lead Assessor

  • University or college degree.
  • More than five years of auditing experience in renewable energy or related industry.
  • Knowledge of the solar industry and value chain.
  • Experience in on-site assessments in at least two areas (e.g., management systems, H&S assessments).


  • University or college degree.
  • More than three years of auditing experience in renewable energy or related industry.
  • Experience in on-site assessments in specified areas.

Quality Control and Records Maintenance

SSI or appointed external agents reserve the right to request and review Assessment Body (AB) documentation, at any time, for quality control purposes. Deficiencies identified during reviews must be addressed promptly by ABs to maintain approved status.
Essential records related to approved Assessors and ABs are maintained throughout the approval duration, ensuring transparency and accountability.

If you would like to join SSI as an assessor, get in touch.

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