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Only solution tailored to solar

Only global initiative specifically tailored to the solar industry, ensuring participants engage in targeted efforts to improve ESG performance and responsible production.

Comprehensive approach

Only scheme that takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, encompassing ESG aspects as well as supply chain transparency.

Independent third-party verification

The SSI is based on independent third-party verification, ensuring credibility with non-industry stakeholders as well as a fairer and more accurate assessment.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration

Collaboration among various stakeholders as well as civil society and academia: a key indicator of the credibility of a scheme and valued in upcoming legislation.

Supply chain transparency

Creating end-to-end supply chain transparency to ensure ESG standards are upheld throughout the value chain. Join us to develop the dedicated SSI Supply Chain Transparency Standard.

Leading industry expertise

Unrivalled expertise in solar, ESG auditing and product traceability, as well as EU legislation and politics, which ensures proactive alignment with EU legislation.

How to Join the SSI

  1. Select the type of membership that is best for your organisation.
  2. Download and complete the SSI membership application form to register your interest.
  3. Receive approval following the review of your application.
  4. Pay your membership fee invoice.
  5. Welcome to SSI membership!

SSI Membership Benefits

Solar Stewardship Initiative Membership Benefits

Members looking to join the SSI must commit to the following core objectives:

Core Objectives of the SSI

1.   Ensure the energy transition is just, inclusive and respects human rights.

2.   Establish mechanisms to create supply-chain transparency, ensuring integrity in the global solar industry.

3.   Enable continuous improvement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

4.   Prepare the industry for relevant upcoming laws and regulations on ESG, transparency and responsible supply chains.

5.   Build the confidence of regulators, customers and business partners in the sustainability of the solar value chain.

Help Define the Solar Sector

The Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) is the first-ever supply chain sustainability assurance scheme dedicated to the needs of the solar PV sector and its customers.

The Initiative establishes SSI Standards, bringing together international standards, industry and civil society expertise, and political acumen to deliver a supply chain sustainability solution tailored to the business of solar.

The SSI Standards

The SSI Standards are used by independent assessors to evaluate your company’s compliance with robust sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. With this independent assessment, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to producing and sourcing solar materials responsibly.

  • The first SSI Standard, published October 2023, is the SSI ESG Standard, which is used to assess the sustainability performance of companies at specific sites. 2024 will bring the SSI Supply Chain Traceability Standard, enabling deeper transparent sourcing and a responsible chain of custody.
  • The SSI Supply Chain Traceability Standard, and other future Standards, are developed in partnership with SSI members, supply chain sustainability experts and stakeholders from civil society, academia and other segments.

Be Part of the Solution

SSI membership is your chance to get involved in these sector-defining Standards from their very inception. Membership of the SSI will support your company’s preparation for upcoming legislation. Since its beginning, the SSI has also secured the endorsement of the global financial community, through the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) and the European Investment Bank..

We welcome manufacturers, developers, installers, purchasers in the solar value chain to join the SSI as members, and other stakeholders to apply to the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG). Together, we are working to realise our collective mission to foster responsible production, sourcing, and stewardship of materials.

Becoming a member of SSI signifies a commitment to SSI Principles. SSI members are only considered certified once they have undergone an independent assessment within twelve months. The SSI cannot guarantee that any member’s supply chain is free from human and labour rights abuses, environmental degradation or governance issues.