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Recognition and Equivalence

The SSI is committed to recognising sustainability systems, good practice frameworks, and certifications that align with the requirements of the SSI Standard, Assurance Process, and Governance.

This recognition aims to avoid redundancy, promote the use of existing systems, and ensure acceptance by customers and investors.

The SSI recognition process includes the assessment of:


Mechanisms for stakeholder participation and decision-making.


Criteria alignment with the SSI Standard.


Evaluation of audit processes, stakeholder engagement, compliance decisions, and more.


Claims and Logos

Ensuring truthful and justified use.

Recognition Methodology

The SSI employs the Equivalency Matrix to assess each system’s criteria against the SSI Standard, Assurance, and Governance. Criteria can be deemed ‘equivalent’, ‘not fully equivalent’, or ‘not applicable’. 

Sites should seek equivalency for systems before certification assessment by checking the Matrix. If a system is not included, a request for review should be submitted to the SSI Secretariat.

Download the SSI Recognition Process