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Assurance Process

Members within the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) commit to meeting the comprehensive requirements of the SSI Standards.

Each site undergoes a rigorous site-level assessment process to ensure the site meets all requirements of the Standards.

The assessment is completed by an independent Assessment Body (AB) which is approved by the SSI. Qualified independent assessors associated with approved ABs will verify a site’s compliance. After the assessment completion, a summary of the assessment activities, methodology, and results are published. 

Each site is re-assessed every three years. Detailed expectations and timelines are defined in the SSI Assurance Manual, which can be downloaded through the form below.

Discover more on how to get your site SSI-certified.

Download the SSI Assurance Manual

The 8 Steps of the Assurance Process Cycle

  1. Your company meets SSI membership due diligence
  2. Your company signs the SSI Principles, commits to assessment, and becomes a member
  3. Your company completes a self-assessment against the SSI Standards within 6 months 
  4. The SSI or your company selects an Assessment Body (AB); the assessment plan and dates are agreed; and the SSI-approved AB conducts an onsite assessment
  5. The SSI delivers a certification decision based on the performance & as recommended by AB
  6. The SSI website publishes a summary report of your company’s assessment
  7. Your company undergoes continuous improvement and follow up surveillance
  8. Re-assessment takes place every three years

The Assurance Process Cycle