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ESG Standard

The SSI ESG Standard

The SSI is pioneering a more responsible, transparent, and sustainable solar value chain. Amid the rapid growth of the solar sector, the SSI looks to maximise the positive impact of this growth, ensuring that the energy transition respects human rights, and is both just and inclusive.

The SSI ESG Standard uses key criteria to enhance supply chain sustainability, instilling confidence in solar manufacturing practices and setting the bar for ESG performance in the solar sector. The SSI takes a hands-on approach, actively working through independent Assessment Bodies to establish and verify information on current transparency levels and ESG performance at production sites along the solar value chain.

Key Requirements

ESG standards are designed to evaluate a company’s performance in three key areas:

  • Governance and Business Ethics
  • Environment
  • Human and Labour Rights.

SSI members from manufacturing sites must commit to completing an ESG assessment of two sites within 12 months by an SSI-approved AB. The SSI Assurance Process is implemented at a site level. A ‘site’ comprises several activities in the same geographic area and under the same management control.

Demonstrated commitment to ESG standards is particularly crucial for industries like solar PV, which is the fastest-growing energy technology in the world, and offers a rapid solution to decarbonise and protect citizens and businesses from volatile energy prices. 

Key principles of the SSI ESG Standard

Governance and Business Ethics

  1. Business Integrity
  2. Policy and Management 
  3. Stakeholders and Communities
  4. Transparency 
  5. Responsible Sourcing


  1. Greenhouse Gas Emission Management
  2. Water Management
  3. Waste Management
  4. Pollution Management
  5. Biodiversity Management
  6. Circularity

Human and Labour Rights

  1. Human Rights 
  2. Labour Rights
  3. Occupational Health and Safety

Download the SSI ESG Standard