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The Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) is an initiative to promote sustainable solar practices. Our stepwise approach aims to establish a fully functional multi-stakeholder initiative by late 2024.

SSI Transitional Governance (2023-2024)

The SSI Board, appointed for two years, is the primary decision-making body. Comprising of associations and industry representatives initially, it will evolve into a multi-stakeholder Board later in 2024. Industry representatives of the first Board appointed in November 2023 will be drawn from the founding members of the SSI.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG), an integral part of SSI Governance, will represent diverse perspectives from civil society, academia, independent experts, and other relevant non-industry stakeholders. SAG members will advise the SSI Board on various aspects, ensuring a holistic approach to decision-making.

Various SSI working groups and committees will be established to facilitate targeted discussions and actions in line with our mission. For example, new Standards, such as the SSI Supply Chain Traceability Standard, will be developed in working groups.

From November 2023, the SSI Board will be composed of the following:


  • 1 representative from SolarPower Europe
  • 1 representative from Solar Energy UK


  • 3 representatives


  • 3 representatives


  • SSI Secretariat (SolarPower Europe appointed Head of Secretariat and TDi)
  • Representatives of the SSI SAG (upon invitation by the SSI Board)

SSI Chair and Vice-Chair

SolarPower Europe and Solar Energy UK will be the first Chair and Vice-Chair of the SSI Board for 2024-2025, respectively.

Subsequent office bearers will be appointed based on the finalised Board Charter.



Join the SSI Stakeholder Advisory Group

Individuals with relevant expertise in fields such as supply chain sustainability, ESG or solar energy can apply for SAG membership. The SSI Board will appoint members based on eligibility criteria, including balanced representation and relevant experience.

If you are passionate about solar’s sustainable future, consider applying for the Stakeholder Advisory Group. Contact us to express your interest in joining the SSI SAG.

Secretariat, Committees and Task Forces

The SSI Secretariat, led by the appointed Head of Secretariat and TDi, will oversee day-to-day operations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, coordinating meetings, and managing finances.

SSI committees and task forces are appointed by the SSI Board and will contribute to standards, assurance systems, online platforms, and other relevant initiatives.

Learn more about the SSI Secretariat.

Discover more about the Stakeholder Advisory Group

Download the SSI Governance Terms of Reference