Driving a more responsible, transparent, and sustainable solar value chain.


The Solar Stewardship Initiative’s mission is to further develop a responsible, transparent, and sustainable solar value chain.

The solar sector is growing exponentially, providing a critical solution to climate change. With growth, the impact and change that we can make in the value chain increases. The Solar Stewardship Initiative puts responsibility to action, and works to ensure the energy transition is just, inclusive, and respects human rights.

The Solar Stewardship Initiative ROADMAP

The Solar Stewardship Initiative is being designed to further develop supply chain transparency and strengthen confidence in how, where, and by whom products and solar components are manufactured. It will work to establish and access verifiable information on current levels of transparency, and on overall ESG performance standards in the solar supply chain. The Solar Stewardship Initiative Roadmap sets a clear path forward.

July 2015
Launch of the SolarPower Europe Sustainability Workstream
Solar PowerEurope Contribution to the publication of the NSF 457 Sustainability standard
SolarPower Europe Contribution to JRC Preparatory Study on PV product sustainability measures (incl. Ecodesign, Energy, Label)
September 2019
Launch of Sustainability Facts Series 
February 2021
SolarPower Europe Statement condemning Forced Labour
March 2021
SolarPower Summit: Driving Sustainable Change
April 2021
Solar Energy UK statement condemning Forced Labour
May 2021
Launch of SolarPower Europe Sustainability Best Practices Benchmark
July 2021
SolarPower Europe Supply Chain Working Group Launch
August 2021
Solar Energy UK responsible sourcing guidance published
September 2021
SolarPower Europe and Solar Energy UK launch joint sustainability Working Group to coordinate Solar Stewardship Initiative
September 2021
Launch of Sustainability Champions podcast
July 2022
Draft assurance protocol and pre-consultation code of conduct are finalized within the working group
August 2022
Solar Energy UK reflects the work of the SSI within the Association's 11 membership commitments to ensure responsible project development
October 2022
Solar Stewardship Initiative Launched
October 2022
Pilot launch

Assurance protocol and code are tested at various sites, participating sites are selected and assessments against the Code and traceability readiness assessments are conducted by independent auditors.

May 2023
Multistakeholder consultation launch

Stakeholders are invited to submit feedback on consultation draft of the Code

July 2023
Pilot end

Anonymised summary of pilot results are shared with SSI community, assurance protocol and code are revised based on pilot results

July 2023
Multistakeholder consultation end

Code is revised based on stakeholders' feedback and finalized

September 2023
Interim Governance and Grievance mechanism in place
November 2023
Publication of the final Code and Launch of Assurance System
December 2023
Full roll-out of SSI Assurance Scheme begins

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