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Certification against the SSI Standards is a pioneering, comprehensive benchmark for businesses in the solar industry to aspire to. This process, marked by rigorous independent assessments and recognition of best practices, ensures the alignment of the assessed operations with the SSI Standards on a site basis.  

Certification against the SSI Standards entails undergoing an assessment by an SSI-approved, independent, third-party assessment body, who will review a continuous improvement plan put in place. At certified or improving sites, regular surveillance assessments are conducted to confirm progress and continued compliance.

Assurance Process

The SSI Standards’ assurance process entails a stringent site-level assessment independently conducted by a compliant Assessment Body (AB) within 8-10 months of becoming an SSI member. This meticulous evaluation, carried out by qualified senior assessors, verifies compliance with the requirements within the SSI Standards.

This assessment encompasses all sites and activities related to the procurement of raw materials and the manufacturing of polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells, modules, and other components under the participant’s control.

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Recognition and Equivalence

The SSI acknowledges sustainability systems, best practice frameworks, and certifications that align with the SSI Standards, assurance process, and governance. This recognition aims to streamline paperwork, reduce audit fatigue, support the use of existing systems, and ensure widespread acceptance by customers and investors. The process involves evaluating governance mechanisms, aligning standards with the SSI Standards, assessing assurance procedures, and ensuring fair use of claims and labels.

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The SSI certification process involves a meticulous assessment by an SSI Assessment Body, ensuring an evaluation of all criteria of the SSI Standards during a site assessment.

Join the SSI commitment to developing sustainable solar supply chains by becoming an SSI-approved Assessment Body, eligible to conduct independent assessments audits of SSI member sites.