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The first step of Solar Stewardship Initiative Governance achieved

In March 2024, the first step of SSI Governance was achieved, with the initial industry members of the SSI Transition Governance being accepted to the SSI Board.

The SSI is being designed as a multi-stakeholder initiative; the permanent governance of the SSI, which will be achieved later in 2024, will be governed by balance of stakeholders, including industry as well as non-industry stakeholders such as civil society.

The SSI Board is appointed for two years, and appointing the Board is one first step in establishing SSI Governance, which will be underpinned by the SSI Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG). Future non-industry members of the SSI Board will be drawn from the SAG.

The SAG is under development and will represent diverse perspectives from civil society, academia, intergovernmental institutions, financial institutions, independent experts, and other relevant non-industry stakeholders. SAG members will advise the SSI Board on key decisions, ensuring a holistic approach to decision-making, and formalising the ongoing consultation that the SSI Secretariat has undertaken with wider stakeholders throughout SSI development.

In the current start-up phase of the SSI, under its Transitional Governance rules, Board members are industry representatives drawn from the founding members of the SSI. From March 2024, the SSI Board includes 3 members representing solar PV manufacturers, and 3 members representing solar PV buyers:

Solar PV Buyers

  • Giulia Guidi, Head of ESG, NextEnergy Group
  • Luis Gómez-Chavarría, Global Head of Renewable Supply Chain Contracting and Management, Iberdrola
  • Susannah Wood, VP Public Affairs and Sustainability for Europe, Statkraft

Solar PV Manufacturers

  • Thomas Richter, Vice President Quality, Solarwatt
  • Michael Koebele, Compliance Director, JA Solar
  • Peter Faisst, Senior Legal Consultant, Trina Solar

In addition, the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair are drawn from the SSI founding trade associations:

  • Maté Heisz, Director of Global Affairs, SolarPower Europe (Chair)
  • Gemma Grimes, Director of Policy, Solar Energy UK (Vice-Chair)

Luis Gómez-Chavarría, Global Head of Renewable Supply Chain Contracting and Management at Iberdrola said: “It is an honour for me to be part of the SSI Board, putting all the knowledge and experience of both my company, Iberdrola, and myself to contribute, through this initiative, to the promotion and construction of a responsible, transparent and sustainable solar supply chain, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive energy transition for all stakeholders.”

Michael Koebele, Compliance Director at JA Solar said: “I am joining the SSI board to make a positive impact on communities, stakeholders and persons affected by the solar industry. SSI, with its special knowledge of the solar industry, is the suitable forum for industry-wide progress in the areas of ESG and traceability.”

Peter Faisst, Senior Legal Consultant at Trina Solar said: “I am honoured to join the board of the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI), marking another milestone in my 15 years in the industry. Together with Trina Solar, whose leadership in sustainability has been instrumental in laying the foundations for increased supply chain transparency, we are excited to move forward with this unique commitment to create strong environmental stewardship and groundbreaking advancements in the solar industry.”

Susannah Wood, VP Public Affairs and Sustainability for Europe at Statkraft said: “In all predictions, solar is going to become the dominant source of energy in the world over the coming decades. Now is the time to define the transparent, sustainable value chain that we all want to see for the sector. By joining the SSI Board, Statkraft looks forward to playing a leading role in making this happen.”

Thomas Richter, Vice President Quality at Solarwatt said: “The search for constant improvement is an essential part of quality management. Sustainability is our responsibility and the common basis for fair competition and growth. I look forward to being able to help shape the future of the solar industry in Europe as a member of the board.”

Giulia Guidi, Head of ESG at NextEnergy Group said: “I’m honoured to join the Solar Stewardship Initiative’s Board. NextEnergy Group is committed to advancing the SSI’s mission to improve supply chain integrity, set robust ESG industry standards, enhance transparency, and foster stakeholder engagement. As the Head of ESG at NextEnergy Group, I am excited to be working with the other Board members to accelerate a just transition to a more sustainable future in the solar energy sector.”

Máté Heisz, Director of Global Affairs at SolarPower Europe said: “It is with great enthusiasm that I embark on this journey as Chair of the SSI Board, that is united by our shared mission to champion responsible and sustainable practices within solar supply chains. I look forward to working together with stakeholders from industry and civil society to ensure a holistic approach to decision-making. The expertise and dedication within the SSI are vital as we tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in making the solar industry a beacon of sustainability.”